Bill Nye the Science Guy on Debate With Ken Ham: ‘I Bested Him’

Science educator Bill Nye says there should be no debate over who won the much-hyped faceoff between him and creationist Ken Ham earlier this year. "I bested him," Nye insists.

In a 3,000-word letter published in the May-June issue of Skeptical Inquirer, the “Science Guy" of TV fame offers his personal take on the showdown that took place two months ago in Kentucky.

"Perhaps there was no winner, as this was not a scored debate. Nevertheless by all, or a strong majority of, accounts, I bested him," Nye writes.

Nye and Ham, the museum's founder, faced off for more than two hours before a live audience of about 900 over the topic: "Is creation a viable model of origins in the modern scientific era?” Hundreds of thousands tuned in online to watch the live-streamed video.

In his letter, Nye said he agreed to the debate because he saw it as "an opportunity to expose the well-intending Ken Ham and the support he receives from his followers as being bad for Kentucky, bad for science education, bad for the U.S., and thereby bad for humankind."

In response, Ham said Nye’s letter was rife with misinformation and "demeaning comments" about him. In a commentary published on the website of Answers in Genesis, a Christian apologetics ministry he founded, Ham said the debate achieved his purpose:

"I believe this debate did and continues to spark interest across the world about the creation/evolution issue, and has opened the door for Christians to witness to their friends and family. I have also seen more Christians (including young people) becoming more bold for their faith! Meanwhile, I ask you to continue to pray for Bill Nye."

So who won the debate? It depends on who’s keeping score.