Grave of Fierce, One-Armed Warrior Unearthed in Siberia

Archaeologists in Siberia have discovered the burial mound of what appears to be a regional warlord from nearly a millennium ago — buried with care after a final and gruesome injury that left him with one arm. The find was made on the bank of the Tara river in the Omsk region of western Siberia. Estimated to be from the 11th or 12th century, the site has been under investigation by local archaeologists for several years, but the remains were only just discovered, reported the Moscow Times and other Russian publications. The man would have been 5 feet 9 inches in life, making him extremely tall for his time and, judging by the artifacts buried with him and his mode of death, likely a great warrior.

The man's left arm was severed in the middle and his right shoulder smashed, according to the initial reports, suggesting he died in battle (the skeleton can be seen at this Russian Gazette story). He was buried with military treasures: armor, arrows, a bronze mirror — things suggesting he held a high station in life. This find could be very important to understanding the political, military and cultural history of the area and its people, known for their tenacity and independence.

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—Devin Coldewey