Explore Mars With NASA’s Google Earth-Like Map

Ever dream of walking on Mars? Well, that probably won't happen, but thanks to NASA, you can explore it from your phone or desktop.

The agency recently released "Mars Trek," a Google Earth-like experience that lets users click around the surface of the Red Planet.

It even features a zoom function that provides detailed views of landmarks like Olympus Mons, which, at 379 miles in diameter, is the largest volcano in the solar system. There is also a 3-D view that allows users to rotate the planet around and take a look at its poles.

Claw-like marks on Mars may be from dry ice

A few other cool features: the ability to see the positions of various Mars orbiters, a drawing tool to plot future Mars road trips, and data overlays, in case you were wondering what the planet looks like through the eyes of a thermal emission spectrometer.