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By Keith Wagstaff

For those wondering, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly watches ESPN in space, doesn't use FaceTime, and has taken photos of his house from the International Space Station.

On Saturday, Kelly took some time to answer questions on Twitter, making sure to crack some jokes in the process ... including one aimed at President Barack Obama.

He also shed light on the quirks of everyday life on the ISS, including how he showers.

And yes, they get ESPN in space.

He also detailed how he stays in shape despite the lack of gravity (and why he doesn't float off the treadmill during his runs).

Apparently, Scott isn't using the latest iPhone.

Kelly told Twitter users that he doesn't use FaceTime on the ISS, but does use other videoconferencing software to communicate with friends and family. He also sleeps around six to seven hours a night, and said he dreams more frequently than he does when on Earth.

His most difficult task while aboard the ISS?

And it turns out he has taken a photo of his home from Earth's orbit. Kelly's best response, however, was in response to the question, "Is the sun extremely ridiculously blinding out there?"