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Sniffles Delay Singer Sarah Brightman's Space Training

British singer Sarah Brightman arrived in Moscow but had to delay her spaceflight training because she caught a cold, according to Russian reports.
Image: Sarah Brightman
Singer Sarah Brightman faces the cameras during the 2012 announcement of her upcoming flight to the International Space Station.Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters file

"Bood' zdorova, Sarah Brightman!" The Russian words for "get well" just might be one of the phrases that the world-famous soprano hears the most as she prepares for spaceflight training at Russia's Star City complex. Brightman arrived in Moscow this week to prepare for her 10-day, $52 million trip to the International Space Station in September. However, Thursday's scheduled start of training had to be delayed until next week because she caught a cold, the Itar-Tass news agency reported. For now, Brightman's trainers will have to keep themselves in the mood by listening to her rendition of "I Will Be With You."



— Alan Boyle