SpaceX Postpones Cargo Supply Launch to Space Station

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The next supply run to the International Space Station has been delayed.

SpaceX was scheduled to launch a a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a cargo ship from Cape Canaveral, Fla., before dawn on Sunday. But on Thursday, the private company said it needed more time and postponed the launch for two weeks, until March 30.

Image: NASA Robonaut
This Nov. 13, 2013, photo made available by NASA shows the Robonaut with legs at a lab in Houston. AP

The unmanned capsule named Dragon holds about 2 tons of supplies and experiments. It will also take up a pair of legs for the humanoid robot at the space station. Until now, Robonaut has been stuck on a pedestal.

The delivery will be the fourth for California-based SpaceX. It is one of two companies hired by NASA to take goods to the space station. (The other is The other is Dulles, Va.-based Orbital Sciences Corp.)

"Both Falcon 9 and Dragon are in good health," SpaceX officials said in a statement. "Given the critical payloads on board and significant upgrades to Dragon, the additional time will ensure SpaceX does everything possible on the ground to prepare for a successful launch."

— The Associated Press and NBC News staff