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By Devin Coldewey

If space tourism had been a thing in the '50s, you might have seen posters like this plastering the walls of spaceports around the country. But alas, a weekend trip to Mars is still a dream — though SpaceX is working hard at making it a reality. These fun, retro-style posters symbolize the company's aspirations to enable space tourism, even if the first pleasure cruises to Phobos and Deimos are a few years off yet. Same goes for the towering martian mountain, Olympus Mons, and the yawning chasms of the Valles Marineris.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has said that the Dragon capsule and Falcon Heavy rocket could be used for interplanetary missions, but spending several months in a cramped crew pod probably isn't anyone's idea of a relaxing vacation.