Germans Flock to Mysterious Crop Circle

Image: People walk through crop circles shaped into a cornfield
People walk through crop circles in a field near Raisting, southern Germany, on July 28, 2014. KARL-JOSEF HILDENBRAND / DPA via AFP - Getty Images

Thousands of people are trekking to a Bavarian farmer's field to check out a mysterious set of crop circles. The ornate design, which has a diameter of nearly 250 feet, was discovered by a balloonist last week and news of the find quickly spread online.

Farmer Christoph Huttner, who owns the wheat field near Weilheim, told the dpa news agency he didn't create the circle himself and suggested students on summer holiday may have cut the image.

Visitors wandering through a field where crop circles have been found near the satellite earth station in Raisting, Germany. KARL-JOSEF HILDENBRAND / EPA

— The Associated Press