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10 Cyber Monday deals you can save big on

Just beginning your Cyber Monday shopping? These 10 deals on tech gadgets should help get you going.
Function 101 / StackCommerce
/ Source: StackCommerce

While Black Friday boasts amazing savings, the timing isn't exactly great — after all, it does coincide with a time when friends and family from far away are in town. That's what Cyber Monday is for, as it provides a second chance to score popular tech goodies at a steep markdown.

If you're just beginning your Cyber Monday shopping, the below 10 tech gadgets, which include advanced Bluetooth headphones, wireless video doorbells, and professional-grade drones, are a great place to get going.

1. Force Flyers Card Drone with Hi-Res Wi-Fi FPV Camera

Take your selfies to new heights with this Force Flyers drone, which with the single press of a "selfie" button, can take off and rise up to 10 feet, angle itself towards you and take three rapid succession photos for you which you can preview on your smartphone instantly. Additionally, you can set the drone to follow yourself or another object around for complete aerial focus.

2. Nylon Braided iPhone Lightning Cable

The right phone charger can not only power up your devices quickly — it can also prevents them from over-charging or short-circuiting. It should also be durable enough not to break during common wear and tear (like dropping, twisting or yanking the cable cord). The Nylon Braided iPhone Lightning Cable is designed to check all of those boxes.

3. BentoStack Charge

Taking design and organizational inspiration from the bento box, the Bento Stack is a multi-storage charger that can power up and safely stow all of your essential tech gadgets, such as your Apple Pencil, AirPods, Apple Watch, power bricks, and iPhone — all into one design. It works with both USB port-enabled devices or ones that have Qi wireless charging capabilities.

4. U-Grip Cup Holder Car Mount for Phones and Tablets

If you want to keep your dashboard free from distractions, consider keeping your phone or tablet in your car's cupholder with the U-Grip Car Holder Mount. The mount provides an adjustable neck and 360-degree rotation so you can position your device in a way that will provide easy access without distracting you from keeping your eyes on the road.

5. PIQO Powerful 1080p Mini Projector

A mini projector can help you enjoy high-quality videos when space doesn't allow for a large TV. The PIQO Mini Projector, which can fit in the palm of your hand, displays HD movies, music and TV show content on up to a 240-inch screen. And since it's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled, you can broadcast the same content you get on your smartphone, tablet or computer onto the big screen.

6. Rocketbook Wave Executive Smart Notebook with Pen Station

The next era of note-taking is here. The Rockebook Wave looks on the surface like any ordinary notebook, but once you write on its pages it will automatically import your notes to the Cloud, so you can always keep track of your to-do lists, meeting notes and action items. Plus, once you've used up all the pages you can simply microwave the Rocketbook, and the ink will disappear, letting you start from scratch all over again.

7. Jamstik 7 Guitar Trainer

Is your New Year's resolution to learn an instrument? If the guitar is what you're hoping to pick up in 2020, the Jamstick 7 Guitar Trainer could be a worthwhile investment. Its fretboard connects to its instructional app and can identify your finger positioning in real-time, correcting your form along the way.

8. PaMu Slide Bluetooth 5.0 In-Ear Headphones with Wireless Charger

True wireless earbuds like AirPods have become synonymous with hundred-dollar plus price tags. But there are exceptions, like this premium device from PaMu. It comes with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, as well as 60 hours of playtime and a water-resistant design.

9. RemoBell Black: Wireless Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Video doorbells have become a popular smart home device that can help you monitor your front entryway even when you're not home. Simply connect the device with its companion app and any time a person triggers the motion sensor on the RemoBell, you'll instantly be able to view or talk to the visitors at your front doorstep.

10. AirDock 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

On any given day, we have a multitude of devices we'll want on hand, including our iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. The issue is we don't have enough outlet space near our nightstand to charge them all up at once. Enter the AirDoc 3-in-1 Charging Station, which can power up to three different devices at the same time, all while ensuring your gadgets are protected from overheating or shorting out.

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