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10 online courses that are professionally-minded and on sale

From python to productivity, boost your knowledge with an online course subscription that's comprehensive and offers lifetime access.
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Our resolutions don't always come to fruition. In many cases, lacking resources before attempting them is a main culprit. If ongoing education is your goal (or resolution), break down some barriers and help yourself help yourself with online courses.

We found 10 professional online courses that are on sale right now. That mean you can save on them with a purchase today and then, when the new year arrives, get to studying with the preparation you deserve.

1. The Salesforce Certification Essentials Bundle

When it comes to customer and client management software, Salesforce is one of the world's largest providers. This 46-hour course bundle covers all the core features of the Salesforce platform while prepping you for three crucial certification tests at the same time.

2. The Complete 2020 Adobe CC Certification Bundle

Adobe CC virtually reigns supreme in the realm of creative software. Master important Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, XD and InDesign functions and make your website, print ads, photos and graphic designs pop with the help of this comprehensive bundle. It comes with over 500 lessons taught by experts in the field.

3. The Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle

Six Sigma is a set of data-driven techniques employed by project managers to help ensure there are little to no errors present during any given project's lifecycle. The goal is to streamline organizational processes, reduce waste and solve problems on the fly. The project management training course bundle comes with 15 key courses that focus on Six Sigma, as well as lean (and ever leaner) management.

4. The Data Science for Business Mastery Bundle

Understanding data science isn't an overnight endeavor but if you stick to your guns and work through the 663 lessons in this bundle, you'll get much closer to understanding the ins and outs of critical software.

5. The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle

Being merely proficient in Excel doesn't really cut it anymore. If you want your resumé to truly stand out, you'll need to know how to make PivotTables, engaging visuals, and automate tasks. That's where this intensive Excel training bundle comes in handy — it comprises 400 interactive lessons.

6. The Ultimate Productivity Bundle

To get ahead in the workplace, you'll have to work smarter (not necessarily harder). Get closer to becoming a pro at budgeting your time and ultimately increasing your productivity with this bundle focused on nothing else.

7. The Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle

For those looking to get their start into the world of coding, Python is a great place to start. The Complete Python Certification Bundle comes with 85 hours of instruction and covers data mining, programming, and machine learning knowledge.

8. The Complete Computer Science Master Class Bundle

If you're hungry for more than just Python, this complete computer science bundle will be right up your alley. It aims to teach you programming languages and app-building on Amazon Alexa devices, plus it will even help you nail your next coding interview.

9. The A-to-Z Cybersecurity & IT Certification Training Bundle

You hear about the threat of online hackers all the time, but what if you could do something about it? With the right cybersecurity training (like this massive 114-hour course bundle), you'll get closer to understanding how to combat key issues plaguing the information security world.

10. The Silicon Valley Digital Marketer Bundle

Strategic marketing on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram has the potential to reach millions of viewers: This expert-led bundle dives into a number of key digital marketing platforms, giving your practical insight to effective messaging, growth hacking, A/B testing and more.

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