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14 of the best Cyber Week deals you can still get

Cyber Week is still going strong — save on any of these home device deals and get an extra 15 percent off at checkout
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Cyber Week is almost over: With the shopping holiday, come some great final deals you'll want to consider on a variety of home products, ranging from professional-grade kitchen tools to a plush weighted blanket.

We've rounded up 15 of the best home deals we've found to help you on your shopping journey. Use code MERRYSAVE15 to get an extra 15 percent off anything on the list below.

1. AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush and Travel Case With 8 Dupont Brush Heads

Take your oral hygiene game to the next level with this electronic toothbrush, which can remove up to 10 times more plaque than a manual brush. Its powerful 40,000 VPM motor can also dissolve stains so you can keep your pearly whites looking pristine.

2. Bianco Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

After you've scrubbed your teeth perfectly clean, brighten your smile with the highest legal grade teeth whitening available on the market. Bianco Smile's Teeth Whitening Kit takes under 10 minutes to use, and after just a few days, you should notice your smile is brighter than normal.

3. Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Maker

Wake up in the morning to barista-quality brews with this professional-grade coffee maker. The Wilfa Precision Maker takes into account the prime temperature and water quantity needed to extract maximum flavor from your beans.

4. Bamboo Comfort 4-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

The first step to a more restful night's sleep is to change up your bedding to soft, hypoallergenic linens that will help your body breathe in the middle of the night. This affordable set is designed to do just that.

5. BUZIO Weighted Blanket

The next step is to invest in a weighted blanket. These toppers mimic the same sensation of being hugged and are thought to reduce anxiety levels to help you rest easy at night.

6. SmartPan 3-Piece Knife Set

A chef is nothing without his or her tools — and arguably one of the most important is the humble kitchen knife. This three-piece knife set can tackle a variety of meal prep efforts, like carving proteins, slicing tough root vegetables, and chopping delicate herbs.

7. Sutra Accelerator 2000 Blow Dryer

The Sutra Accelerator has all of the features you'd expect of a high-end blow dryer (fast-drying technology, a variety of heat settings, attachments that work for a variety of hair textures and styles and so on).

8. Aqua Flosser Rechargeable Water Flosser

There's a reason your dentist constantly reminds you to floss every single day: Flossing can help fight against gum diseases like gingivitis, while also combatting bad breath. Water flossers, like this device from Aqua Flosser, can provide a more gentle, deep clean experience that will make your dentist proud.

9. Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera

Unlike other doorbell cameras, the Sinji features straightforward installation. It's as simple as sticking the device to your entry-way (in the same way you would stick a piece of double-sided tape). Afterward, you'll be able to see who is at your front door on your smartphone or tablet.

10. Morning Sidekick Journal

Kickstart your productivity ahead of 2020 with a Morning Sidekick Journal, which will help you plan out your day, track your long-term goals, and practice mindfulness in as little as three minutes.

11. Stainless Steel Straws: 8-Pack

Plastic straws are detrimental to the environment and paper ones become soggy and ineffective easily. The solution is stainless steel straws, which are reusable, eco-friendly, and won't get corroded when exposed to liquid.

12. Aura Glass Non-Spill Drinking Glasses: 2-Pack

Don't cry over spilled milk — or any beverage for that matter — with a set of Aura Glasses. This unique design sits on top of a stainless steel ball that both aerate your drinks while also counteracting any accidental knocks and bumps.

13. Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs + Attachable Cord

You love watching your favorite artists in the front row and taking intense workout classes daily. Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs help lower decibel levels to a safe range without diluting the overall sound quality.

14. Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package Instant Programmable 6 QT Pressure Cooker

A programmable cooker helps you whip up large, hearty meals with little to no effort on your part. This device from Yedi, for instance, features 15 instant touch cooking programs that will steam, bake, pressure cook, stew, and sauté your ingredients — all with the press of a button.

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