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This $59 training course can make your resume stand out in 2020

Train up in marketing, cloud computing, Java, project management and more to show employers you mean business.
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There's plenty of ambiguity recruiters have to navigate when it comes to the skills section of an applicant's resume. Does "speaks French" mean someone is fluent or that they could conjugate verbs back in high school? Is "Javascript knowledge" synonymous with full coding capabilities or just a foundational background? And what exactly does "Microsoft Suite skills" mean?

Certifications bring clarity to CVs, giving hiring managers a benchmark to fully understand the breadth of your knowledge when it comes to a variety of complicated topics, such as cloud computing, big data, project management and more. If you're wondering how to make your resume stand out from the stack of other applicants, its worth training for a relevant test or two. To help you along the way, we suggest WhizLabs Online Certifications — and right now, a lifetime subscription to it is $59.

The service provides students with a variety of online courses that can help them feel fully prepared for a number of popular certification tests in disciplines that range from digital marketing to Agile software development. Each lecture you'll virtually attend will be led by subject-matter experts and certified professionals, and lessons are continually updated to stay abreast of changes in the industry.

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