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This 75-percent sale on an award-winning coffee maker won't last

Stylish and highly-rated, Wilfa's Precision Automatic Coffee Maker is a quarter of its normal price right now.
/ Source: StackCommerce

About 85 percent of Americans are consuming caffeine in one form or another on the daily. And if you fall into that bucket and are also paying for some of your cups of coffee on-the-go, you're paying... a lot.

There are, of course, other solutions to bringing the cost of staying awake with coffee down without sacrificing that delicious brew. Chief among those is brewing your own with a coffee maker at home. And right now, Wilfa's Precision Automatic Coffee Maker is a quarter of its normal price, giving you a great chance to try a certifiably high-quality coffee maker at home for a fraction of its typical price.

The automatic coffee maker is going for $85 right now (down from $350) and is designed to make it easy to be extra specific about how you like your coffee. True to its name, the automatic filtering brewer is all about precision. Since it's engineered to make the process hands-free and seamless, all you need to do is adjust the amount of brewed coffee you want to make for the day and sit back to allow Wilfa's Precision Automatic Coffee Maker do the rest. It doesn't hurt that its modern, minimalist design can elevate a variety of kitchen countertops—and easily fits on them, to boot.

The now-$85 machine combined with your future savings on skipped store-bought coffee means you could be saving hundreds on your monthly and annual coffee budget.

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