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This app lets you learn from books without reading them all

You can't read all the books out there. Get the most out of books you can't get to with an app that summarizes them for you—and that's on sale right now.
/ Source: StackCommerce

You probably don't have time to be like Warren Buffett, who actually finds the time to memorize books. But not having time to read might no longer stop you from learning about and from myriad books of all genres. The 12min Book Summary Library does exactly what it sounds like it does.

Grow your reading list with access to hundreds of micro books—summaries designed to be read (or listened to) in just 12 minutes. Whether you're a reader or a listener, this app is precisely what you've been waiting for. It doesn't mean you shouldn't leisurely read or listen to your favorites. But it does mean that you can finally get to those second-tier books you want to read but for which you can't make time. And right now, you can get a lifetime premium subscription to 12min Book Summary Library for $39.

Curated by experts, the app takes titles from all genres and synthesizes them into short-yet-substantial overviews. The titles can be read on your phone, laptop or tablet, and if you send stories to your Kindle account, you can enjoy reading the books without needing to rely on internet access. Every month, you'll get access to 30 new titles to add to your queue.

Say the book you want isn't available? Simply request it be added to the library and you'll have access in no time. If you consider yourself someone who wants to expand their literary horizons in a limited amount of time, this app is a solid way to get there.

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