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Best gifts of 2020 on Amazon

Amazon is offering expedited special deals on electronics, kitchen appliances and more across the site.
We found the best Father’s Day gifts on Amazon in 2020, from an Instant Pot or mesh Wi-Fi system to a Kindle or Nintendo Switch, these options are quick, convenient, and easily returnable.
We found the best Father’s Day gifts on Amazon in 2020, from an Instant Pot or mesh Wi-Fi system to a Kindle or Nintendo Switch, these options are quick, convenient, and easily returnable.Amazon

When the coronavirus outbreak hit the United States, Amazon witnessed a surge in demand for household essentials like disinfectant, sanitizer and other household essentials. To manage the increased workload, the company temporarily prioritized medical supplies and other essential product categories. When so called panic-buying decreased some, Amazon announced it would once again allow third-party merchants to ship nonessential items to customers around the nation.

Though stores are experiencing continued shipping delays, Amazon still aims to deliver many products according to expected shipping dates online, even if it pushes those out of its typical two-day window — which might be relevant to shoppers eyeing Father’s Day gifting options. The holiday lands on a Sunday this year, which might inform your decision to get your gift shipped by the preceding Saturday. Regardless, you can find a variety of gifts for the dad in your life on Amazon, including highly-rated smart speakers, versatile kitchen appliances and entertaining home tech. If you’re concerned about getting your Father’s Day gifts on time, you can sign up for Amazon Prime, which offers members free and fast delivery (with some products shipping in one day), exclusive deals and discounts and cash-back rewards, among other perks. To give you an idea of what the retailer has in store for Father's gifts, here are some of the best gifts Amazon has to offer for Father’s Day — whether they’re tech savvy, avid gamers or home chefs.

Best Father’s Day gifts on Amazon

1. Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Media Player with Echo Dot

If they have a 4K TV (and a 4K-capable subscription to services like Netflix), tech expert Whitson Gordon recommends grabbing the 4K/HDR version of the Fire Stick in our guide to the best streaming devices. For any father who enjoys a high quality show or movie, the device they use to manage, control and watch it should match that quality — pair it with an Echo Dot smart assistant to ensure they have all the assistant perks along with their favorite shows and movies.

2. Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa

Of course, if you just want to get them set up with some smarts in their home (or extend their smart home reach), the smart assistants keeping everything connected and in check grow in their significance. Amazon’s smart home ecosystem is governed by its Alexa smart assistant, which is accessible in an affordable way through an Echo Dot. This gift runs at less than $50 but can have a real effect on the daily ease and comfort they have with their smart home tech and gadgets.

3. Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Certified Refurbished)

If they’ve been trying to up their home security or get more comfortable with shipments coming to their door while stores are still relatively less than ideal to visit, a smart camera like the Ring Video Doorbell can definitely help. Appearing in our 2020’s best gifts for a smart home, the Ring can notably connect to their smartphone via Wi-Fi, letting them interact with visitors while they’re away from home — or too settled to get up. And buying refurbished tech from Amazon can save you some money, as well as present a low risk option considering Amazon’s Certified Refurbished products come with extensive return policies.

4. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

NBC News Shopping contributor Kirsten Akens wrote she’d avoided e-books for years, but that things are different with Kindle’s Paperwhite e-reader. “Just seven weeks into this new Paperwhite relationship, my reading stats are climbing steadily from an average of two books a week to three. I can’t deny it: I’m smitten.” If you want to gift them a reading-first tech device from an Amazon brand — where they can likewise gather both e-books and audiobooks — the brand’s iconic e-reader is a great gift this Father’s Day. And right now, you can get the Kindle Paperwhite for a discount: $99.

5. eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi System (Certified Refurbished)

Another Amazon Certified Refurbished option is the lauded eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi System. “It’s tri-band, which means it has an entire antenna dedicated to sending data between each unit,” Gordon writes in our list of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems and range extenders. “That means you get significantly faster speeds than you would with less expensive systems, which is important if you don’t have Ethernet in your home to wire each node together.” For a dad who leans toward more tech than less, upping their home internet speeds is a gift that can keep giving.

6. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

The Instant Pot line includes a range of models, as we reported in our guide to the iconic pressure cooker: Lux, Duo, Viva, Ultra, Smart Wifi, and Max. Moving up adds more bells and whistles. You’ll need to decide what features you need (will you really ever make yogurt?) to see which model is the right fit for you. “Busy parents use them to get dinner on the table in minutes, while batch cookers use them to simplify midweek meals,” NBC BETTER previously reported. “From oatmeal to chili to casseroles, it seems that just about everything can be cooked more quickly and easily in an Instant Pot.”

7. Jaybird Vista True Wireless Earbuds

These high quality and highly-rated truly wireless earbuds are some of the best wireless earbuds and the best workout headphones on the market right now. If you’ve hoping to give them a way to get more portable, both in normal routines and errands as well as in their fitness, the Jaybird Vistas are a great gift this year: Their IPX7 water-resistance is accentuated by their sweatproof exchange warranty, to boot

8. Father's Day gift cards

Give the father figure in your life the power to choose the perfect gift with an Amazon gift card. The retailer has a variety of gift card options that will allow your father figure to browse the online retail giant to find products that suit his needs. They also offer gift cards for specialty brands like Starbucks, Whole Foods and Southwest Airlines that can be spent in-store or online.

9. VIZIO M558-G1 M-Series Quantum 55” 4K HDR Smart TV

The VIZIO M-Series Quantum 55-Inch 4K HDR Smart TV pairs extraordinary color with high-quality 4K picture detail that can wow anyone in the room. The television allows for streaming via Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix and more. If you’re looking to buy a TV for a smaller space, the TCL 40-inch Smart TV is also a good option.

10. Ullo Wine Purifier

You don't have to be a wine aficionado to know you don't like sediment in your glass. And you don't need to be an expert to prefer aerated wine to stuffy wine. Ullo's easy-to-use and appealing purifier allowa you to quickly remove sediment and sulfites, promising to deliver the wine as it's intended to be had. If they like to enjoy a glass of wine here or there, this nifty and pretty addition will be enjoyed for years.

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