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Best Valentine's Day gifts for him (or them) 2020

Romantic Valentine’s gifts for him. Creative gifts for them. Gifts worthy of a husband or long-term partner. We put together some of the best options.
Loving gay couple celebrating Valentine's day.
You can simplify things by buying a gift that you know they'll enjoy and one that shows that you care for them — it doesn't have to be a wild surprise.svetikd / Getty Images

If Valentine’s Day is special for the man in your life — the one, a dad, brother, best friend — you’re going to want to give them something that says, “I love you,” “I appreciate you,” I think you’re awesome,” “I couldn’t have gotten through the past year without you.” And so on.

William J. Doherty, PhD, argues there’s no need to stress over the gift itself. A professor and director of the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project at the University of Minnesota, Doherty told BETTER you can simplify things by buying them a gift that you know they’ll enjoy and one that shows that you care for them — it doesn’t have to be a wild surprise. As a bonus, write a note to express those thoughts, which takes the pressure off the gift itself, too, he advises.

Whether you’re with the kind of guy who likes to tinker tech — think Wi-Fi routers and extenders, portable and wireless chargers or wireless earbuds and laptops — or a determined home cook, there’s something out there for virtually every person — all you have to know is where to look.

Romantic Valentine’s gifts for him

1. The Captain’s Blazer 2.0

Chubbies is a brand that knows not to take life too seriously. Made from 100% wrinkle-resistant pique cotton, the Captain’s Blazer has the stretch and fit of a casual jacket with the look of a dinner coat. It’s casual and fancy all at once, which means you can wear it for job interviews, nights out or slower nights in.

2. Sleepwalker Snooze Pant

Saxx is known for their iconic and comfortable undies, but their snooze pants are a game-changer. Made for nighttime, bedtime and every time in between, these snooze pants are made from moisture-wicking Modal fabric and spandex for a soft feel, and reverse-stitching for a flatter, itch-free seam. Each of Saxx’s products are made with their patented Three-D Fit, which is what they call a nine-panel construction designed to better provide support around glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings.

3. Timex Q

First released in 1979, the Q is back and better than ever. Featuring the classic woven stainless-steel bracelet and luminous hands, the Timex Q is a gift that can elevate an outfit but also elevate nostalgia.

Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for them

4. Exotic Meats Jerky Heart

When home is where the jerky-filled heart is, you benefit from a clear direction on what to get them. Man Crates knows their audience: people who want to chew on exotic animals. Each heart comes with a samples of jerky touching upon every animal in the food chain: wild boar pheasant, duck, elk, ostrich, and more. Pair this with their Whiskey Appreciation Crate and you’ve got the makings of an unforgettable night. On second thought, you may want to tack on some Tums, too.

5. Victorinox Ranger Wood 55

When it comes to Swiss Army pocket knives, Victorinox is the only brand that matters. The Ranger Wood 55 sports 10 functions (including a wood saw, corkscrew, and bottle opener) and folds up into five inches. Adorned with a walnut body, this knife is in a category of its own.

6. NOMAD Wallet with Integrated Tile Tracker

Wallets are still widespread and many people are still looking for the perfect one for them. Minimalist styles allow for less to lug around and the NOMAD comes through with its thin design. The real perk of this model is the Tile integration. Inside the wallet is the brand's iconic location tracker that allows you to find your things quickly and with a small addition to your belongings. So losing a wallet could mean much less of a headache next time it happens.

Best Valentine's gifts for the husband or long-time partner

7. Imperia Pasta Maker Machine

This may be one of those Trojan Horse presents — the ones that sneakily serve a few different purposes. Made in Italy, this handmade traditional pasta roller is the real deal. You can control thickness and consistency without any buttons or dials getting in your way. And it could make for a great activity for the two of you to share — much like the meal you'll share as a result.

8. Winc

Expanding horizons together is a great way to advance and evolve within a relationship. This wine delivery service learns your preferences and sends you relevant and high quality wines on a regular basis. Rather than only relying on the nearest wine shop's offering, find some solace in something new and gift him a subscription you're both sure to get a lot out of.

9. Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Coffee's fairly universal. This simple design makes brewing iced (or hot) coffee easy: Add in your coffee, pour in some water, and stick into your fridge for up to 36 hours. This durable and BPA-Free Tritan pitcher features an airtight lid and non-slip silicone handle that keeps your hands safe in the rare occasion you want piping hot coffee during the summer.

Creative gifts to get him this Valentine's

10. Signature Auto Open Stick Neverwet Umbrella

No matter who you are, what you do or where you go, you’re (most likely) going to need an umbrella. The proprietary Neverwet coating is designed to wick away raindrops and the auto-open features are built for durability — the brand stands behind the strength of its umbrellas with a lifetime warranty.

11. Haswell Survival Knife

A knife like the Haswell Survival Knife is both functional and can be a beautiful present. Each one is handcrafted with a full-tang design and high-carbon steel. It's a knife to last for years and help out during trips and hikes in the outdoors.

12. Flaviar

Simply put, Flaviar gives people around the country access to rare and original spirits from all around the world. With more than two million spirits samples already sent out, Flaviar is producing a whole new generation of whisk(e)y lovers who now have the opportunity to sip flavors they never would have been able to find or, in some cases, afford.

Best personalized gifts for him

13. Hawthorne

Here’s how Hawthorne works: You take a quiz that gauges your personal preferences and tastes: hair type, bathing routine, drink of choice and other personality-based questions. Then, based on your answers, Hawthorne puts together a few custom colognes specially tailored for you. If you don’t like it, you’re given the option to tweak the formula, giving you input into your eventual scent. The same applies to your skincare preferences with their bath bundles.

14. Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Whether he considers himself an amateur or an aficionado, this personalized whiskey decanter is one way to show you respect the expertise. Each decanter holds 26 ounces of his favorite spirit and includes four different design options that display his name or initials.

15. Stillwater Gose Gone Wild Beer Making Kit

The Gose Gone Wild is sour German wheat ale. And this kit was designed alongside the ale's maker: Stillwater Artisanal Ales. "Super-funky, sour and dry-hopped with big West Coast American hops, Gose Gone Wild is both easy-drinking and deeply complex," Brooklyn Brew Shop explains. "The kit comes with lactobaccillus. It's the same stuff that makes yogurt, cheese, pickles and most other fermented foods so tasty. Whether you're in a brewery or at home, lactobacillus (lacto for short) is how you achieve sourness. Just add it to your beer on brewday, let it culture, then bring it to a boil."

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