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Get Amazon's and Shopify's top e-commerce tips for $39 today

31 hours of content will help get you started with Shopify and Amazon, from marketing to managing and selling.
The Ultimate Shopify and E-Commerce Expert Bundle is down to $39 right now.
the Ultimate Shopify and E-Commerce Expert Bundle. Down to $39 right nowHero Images / Getty Images/Hero Images
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If you're selling stuff—anything—in 2019, you're more than likely going to be selling online in one way or another. And that means getting into the e-commerce train of online shopping, navigating its trends and bending to its will. The good news is that you don't have to go at it alone. Online courses abound that will guide you to the essentials of the tools you should be using and how to make the most of them.

One example to consider is the Ultimate Shopify and E-Commerce Expert Bundle. Down to $39 right now, the collection of courses includes over 31 hours of content to help you sell and market your services online more effectively, efficiently, and easily.

The bundle is broken down into 11 key courses, which span different types of shopping platforms including Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and, of course, Shopify. You'll learn the basics: setting up a Shopify e-commerce website, effectively marketing your site, and fulfilling product and service transactions. Once your business starts scaling, you'll already know how to best work with wholesalers and negotiate with suppliers.

Among other important lessons, you'll also learn how to best leverage Amazon, understand how importers source their products from overseas, how to maximize profit across e-commerce platforms, and how to create a successful Amazon product step-by-step from scratch.

When this collection is $1,600 if you buy it piecemeal, it might make sense to grab The Ultimate Shopify & E-Commerce Expert Bundle for $39 right now.

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