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How learning piano can be easy, personally paced, and affordable

Join Pianoforall's more-than-160,000 students to save $180 right now.
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From brain-boosting apps and toys to crafts and hobbies, there are many opportunities out there that can help you unlock and embrace special talents—or even develop skills with no talent required.

Pianoforall, for example, is designed to take the novice player to pro-like skill with intuitive training methods. Boasting more than 160,000 students, the idea behind the teaching model is to take get you playing intermediate level piano after a handful of lessons under your belt, no matter your starting point. And right now, you can pocket 200 of Pianoforall's lesson sets for $20, a tenth of its typical price.

The training begins with rhythm-style piano (the same style pianist greats like Billy Joel and Norah Jones gravitate towards) and then, from there, you'll begin to explore different genres of music like blues, jazz, and even improvisation. You'll also learn the essentials of reading music and playing by ear. The mobile- and web-accessible material means you can take lessons around your schedule instead of making your schedule fit around lessons. Practice while away from home, for example, and do so whenever you please and at your own pace with lifetime access.

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