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How a sous vide cooker upgrades your kitchen

This sous-vide cooker combines precision cooking and smart technology to make cooking easier and more delicious — it's also on sale right now.
Cook Mellow / StackCommerce
/ Source: StackCommerce

If you really want to impress the hobbyist chefs and cooks in your life, upgrading their time around making food is one solid way there: We recommend turning to a sous vide cooker.

One particularly unique sous cooker design comes from Mellow. Its Sous Vide Precision Cooker has a unique refrigeration setting that will keep your meats safely chilled until it's time to cook. And right now, you can get the sous vide for $170, down from $350. Use code NBCNEWS15 at checkout to trigger extra savings.

Mellow's features in their take on the sous vide means all you have to do is drop your ingredients into your water bath ahead of mealtime (for example, before you leave for work) and program the temperature settings and desired cook time on your smartphone. The appliance will then know when to begin precision cooking your meals so they're ready by the time you walk through the door. You can even adjust the process from your mobile device, so if you're running late, the sous vide cooker will wait until you're ready to start.

Sous vide or "under a vacuum" refers to the cooking method wherein chefs seal their ingredients (namely proteins like meats and eggs) in air-tight bags and cook them in a temperature-controlled water bath. This process, which is used by amateur and professional chefs alike, allows for the meats to be cooked evenly, all while retaining their juices and being cooked with the utmost precision. That means you'll get the same, perfect results nearly every single time.

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