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Whitening kits are easier than dentist visits—this one's on sale

Bianco Smile’s Teeth Whitening Kits use the highest legal grade teeth whitening gel available on the market.
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Bianco Smile
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If you're like the nearly half of Americans who feel insecure about their smiles, you have first-hand knowledge of the discomfort inherent in group photos or even friendly or professional introductions. While dentist-controlled whitening procedures can be inherently cost-prohibitive, at-home whitening kits have become a popular affordable alternative.

Naturally, a tech-forward solution that's gaining traction is LED teeth whiteners. They speed up the whitening process by having the lights react with a whitening gel. The Bianco Smile Teeth Whitening Kit is designed to whiten your teeth by up to 14 shades. And right now, you can grab a kit to try out for $25 (down from $80).

You can customize the mouthpiece to fit the alignment of your own teeth, like sports retainers. After that:

  • Place in the whitening gel
  • Pop the mouthguard with the LED light in-place
  • And then wait about 10 minutes while the device works its magic.

Bianco boasts that even just one use will get you noticeably whiter teeth. With a $25 non-invasive product like this, there's little to lose and lots to gain.

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