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Get lifetime access to Microsoft Office how-to guides for $39

Knowing Microsoft Office is often expected at work. Learn what you want of it at a personal pace with this massively discounted online course.
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In a world increasingly dominated by data, understanding how to make sense of it is crucial. It’s no longer outstanding to know how to use the Microsoft Office Suite these days. It's expected. And that's across virtually any industry. It’s so common that plenty of high-salaried positions require a working understanding of these programs. Not to mention, you can do a lot to save yourself time—professional and personally—using some of Microsoft Suite's offerings, from automating tedious tasks in Excel to creating persuasive Powerpoint presentations.

While it might seem overwhelming to take on mastering the programs, online courses have found solid approaches to breaking everything down into manageable lesson sets. Take the Mega Microsoft Office 2019 Course Bundle, for example. It covers 11 different courses that go in-depth on programs like Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Windows 10, and more. And right now, you can get the entire easy-to-use training course for $39 (that's 90 percent off).

With more than 750 training modules, this comprehensive program is designed to cover the most business-relevant and essential features of each Microsoft Office Suite platform. And each module is aimed at helping you improve your productivity and get comfortable (and confident) when tasked with more nuanced projects. Some topics you’ll learn with the course bundle include...

  • How to create advanced graphs in a matter of minutes
  • How to get comfortable with popular formulas like the ever-useful VLOOKUP to streamline your Excel sheets
  • How to navigate Windows 10 features you'll actually want to use
  • And how to best customize your (or anyone's) Outlook interface

The folks behind the modules are prepared to take anyone to the next level, regardless of their existing experience levels. You can tailor your learning and filter out concepts or coursework you’ve previously mastered so that you can focus all your attention on new, more challenging concepts. And with lifetime access to the material, you can also learn as you go and build your Microsoft skills around your schedule—and check back as often as you like to learn new things along the way.

Anyone looking to sharpen their analytical skills has something new and exciting waiting for them in this training module bundle—and, of course, they've got hefty savings in there, too.

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