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Every writer stands to improve their writing—here's how

Less than $30 gets you access to an advanced writing course. The edition for beginners is half that price.
/ Source: StackCommerce

Learning how to write in any medium has more to it than it seems. Many professional writers will spend years, if not their whole career, perfecting their craft. That being said, virtually any published author or newspaper editor has not gone at it alone—nor should you. But enrolling in a local college course or trying to glean lessons from online writing forums will only get you so far (not to mention cost you substantially). Luckily, there are targeted, easy-to-use, and straightforward online courses that can help elevate your writing.

The Copywriting Mastery Bundle, for example, is perfect for beginners. It offers up a comprehensive overview on how to write in a variety of genres.

The $14 online primer is ideal for those just dipping their toes in the field and is broken up into four distinct courses:

  • The first one is the Copywriting Masterclass and focuses on how to use your writing to achieve immediate sales for your business or brand. You'll learn how headlines, sales copy, effective messaging and targeting your consumers all can help increase your conversion rates and sales.
  • Next up How To Be A Crazy Good Copywriter, which is comprised of 37 lectures that dig into 54 unique, fundamental aspects of copywriting, from idea creation to writing development.
  • The third course is Basic Creative Writing Skills for Beginners, which will help you flush out your short story, novella or novel idea so that you can tackle this major feat with ease. Key topics include how to juggle the plot, characters, and places, as well as how to beat writer's block.
  • Ready to turn your writing side hustle into a business? The final course in this bundle focuses on how to become and thrive as a paid copywriter.

Seeking more advanced training? The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle might be better for you, and it's on sale for $39 right now.

Broken into eight different courses, this masterclass goes through the ins and outs of writing as it relates to digital marketing, building a freelance business and copywriting knowledge for the modern age. Each of the eight courses is taught by professionals and provides access to:

  • 374 lessons (155 more than the beginner course)
  • And those are spread over 39 hours of teaching.

No matter how you slice it, each bundle its ideal for anyone looking for extra practice and insight to perfect their abilities. Your resume, book drafts and ad copy will thank you—not to mention your mood after having elevated one of your core competencies.