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Excel at Excel with a massive course bundle for less than $20

Increase your productivity by mastering the essential Excel tools & techniques used by Excel pros.
Financial Planning Accounting Report Spreadsheet Concept
Financial Planning Accounting Report Spreadsheet Concept
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Spreadsheets do a lot these days—they've come to dominate the offices of many workers in virtually every industry. And if you've so much as touched a computer in the last 30 years, there's a good chance you've worked with Excel, Microsoft's spreadsheet powerhouse—and basically the backbone of every modern company.

Whether you're looking to hack your productivity or break into the lucrative field of data science, Excel is jam-packed with tools that can take you far—you just have to learn how to use them. The Complete Excel Pro Tips Certification Bundle can show you the way, and right now you can get access to everything it's got to offer for $19 (down from $294).

This bundle showcases the versatility and advanced capabilities of Excel, ranging from PivotTables to productivity tools. The whole thing breaks down into six digestible courses:

  • Excel Pro Tips: PivotTables: This 20-lecture course focuses exclusively on PivotTables, one of Excel's most flexible analytical tools, which allows you to enable multiple filters, create custom lists and group similar values in large data sets.
  • Excel Pro Tips: Analytics Tools: This training explores Excel's more complex functionalities, like forecasting stock prices or solving optimization problems.
  • Excel Pro Tips: Productivity Tools: True to its name, this course will teach you how to spend your time more efficiently on Excel, with the use of keyboard shortcuts, multi-level sorting, advanced filters, data validation, and more.
  • Excel Pro Tips: Data Visualization: Across 18 lectures, this course will show you how to bring your data to life through Excel's visualization tools, such as interactive reporting, effective dashboards, and custom templates.
  • Excel Pro Tips: Formatting: Working in Excel can quickly look like a data dump. But once you have this 1.5-hour training under your belt, you'll be able to hide text, freeze panes and define formula-driven rules to make your spreadsheets look less like a Jackson Pollock and more like a Monet.
  • Excel Pro Tips: Formulas & Functions: This course focuses on the most popular formulas and functions you'll likely use on a daily basis, like troubleshooting formulas, randomizing lists, and detecting duplicate inputs of data.

Whatever draws you to want to learn more about Excel and the best ways to get the most out of it, $19 is a great price for a trove of lessons on it that you can access at any time.

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