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Save 40 percent on the Rocketbook Wave

The Rocketbook Wave gives you the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook while instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone.
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When it comes to our home, we've transformed "dumb" household products into "smart" ones, investing in devices like connected doorbell cameras and thermostats that can help you save energy. Ironically though, we still continue to spend at least eight hours a day during our 9-to-5 job with products that could be made smarter and more effective.

Take, for instance, the humble notebook. If you're the kind of person who jots down meeting action items or to-do lists with pen and paper, that means you'll need to then translate any handwritten documents digitally, which is a huge hassle. That all changes when you use a smart notebook like the Rocketbook Wave. On the surface, it looks like any other spiral-bound notebook. But what you can't see is its cloud compatibility via a companion app that can autosave your documents instantaneously to Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Slack or even your email inbox. And right now, you can it get it for $28 — and save an extra 20 percent on top of that at checkout with code 20SAVE20.

The Rocketbook Wave keeps all your important notes digitally stored. And once you've used up every square inch of the Rocketbook Wave, you can simply pop it into your microwave and the pages will appear brand-new — letting you start your note-taking all over again. If all of this sounds familiar, you've likely already seen the Rocketbook brand on past episodes of "Shark Tank" or amongst top-rated products on a number of retailers including Amazon.

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