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Save more than $50 on a device that detects water leaks

It will also monitor you water usage so you can find ways to save on your utility bills.
The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor is on sale for $144 (down from $199).
The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor is on sale for $144 (down from $199). Flume / StackCommerce
/ Source: StackCommerce

Water leaks of any size can lead to major household damage. While there still isn't a perfect way to detect leaks before they happen, there are some home improvement upgrades that are designed to stop them in their tracks once they start.

One of these solutions is the Flume Smart Home Water Monitor. And right now, it's on sale for $144 (down from $199). Use code BFSAVE15 at checkout to get an extra 15 percent off.

The full set includes an easy-to-install sensor, WiFi bridge, and a companion smartphone app to help you monitor real-time water usage, as well as spot any potential leaks that could be affecting your home. Its sensor (which is compatible with a majority of water meters) wraps around your existing water meter. From there, it will collect your water usage and send data to the Flume Cloud, pushing notifications to your smartphone app if it notices unusual overconsumption of water. In doing so, it can also give you insight into your overall water usage so that you can make educated efforts to lower not only your environmental impact, but also your monthly water bill.

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