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Save with one of these 5 massage therapy device deals

Investing in relieving sore muscles with vibration devices makes sense, especially when these alternatives are on sale.
/ Source: StackCommerce

You may have seen a Theragun on the sidelines of major sporting events. These power drill-shaped massagers rapidly vibrate to help release lactic acid build-up, stimulate blood flow and provide muscle relief.

If you workout out regularly, it might be worth investing in this type of speed massager. And there are plenty of alternatives that work as well as name brand ones but for a fraction of the cost. Here are five affordable devices that will help relieve pain and soreness in your (or a loved one's) muscles.

1. JAWKU Muscle Blaster V2 Cordless Percussion Massage Gun

With five different speed settings, this muscle massager gun allows you to customize your massage experience. Choose between different frequencies, amplitudes, and torque to give your muscles the relief they need at any given moment.

2. TimTam All-New PowerMassager

You may think that a power massager like the design from TimTam would be noisy, but while delivering up to 2,500 strokes a minute, it is impressively quiet.

3. Vortix Muscle Massager

The biggest discount we've seen so far on this caliber of massage tool comes from Vortix. Its Muscle Massager features six different speeds and three different head attachments to help you better target your pain points.

4. Vortix Muscle Massager 2.0

The new and improved iteration of the Vortix Muscle Massager features six speeds that combine frequency, amplitude and torque, as well as four different tip attachments.

5. Heroproof BFGun X300 HyperDrive Percussive Therapy Muscle Massager

Designed to go above and beyond the standard massage gun, the Heroproof BFGun X300 aims to increase muscle mass, deliver real-time pain relief and encourage fast repair of muscle tissue after your sweat sessions.

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