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Trading stocks isn't rocket science—this $35 course proves it

From cryptocurrency to trading stocks, you're very much able to learn how to work with the Stock Exchange. And this course lets you do so at your own pace.
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Getting a solid grasp of the Stock Exchange and how it works (or doesn't, depending on whom you ask) is no easy task. While business booms and shakes and stirs whole industries, it's hard to master the finer points of its inner workings—much less get a piece of the action.

For those who don't know bonds from Bitcoins, The Complete Wall Street and Forex Trading Master Class Bundle is designed to help make the learning curve far less steep. Think of this collection of classes as a crash course in finance—except without the cost. It features a dozen in-depth courses that every trader needs to know, as well as best practices to keep in mind along the way. And right now, you can get lifetime access to the entire bundle for $35 (that's more than 90 percent off in contrast to approaching each course separately).

Some of the biggest topics you'll dive into include:

  • Forex trading, the buying and selling currencies, is a crucial way to balance the market and facilitate international trade.
  • Candlestick signals can help you predict market directions so you can determine if a trend is strong enough to take action on.
  • And cryptocurrency is dominating the trading space right now—and is known for being highly profitable for hobbyist traders.

That's just a taste of the material that the bundle covers. With more than 20 hours of video content broken down into 250 plus bite-sized lessons, you'll be well on your way to fully understanding the diverse influences that affect the market, profitable trading strategies and more.

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