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These discreet earplugs might save your hearing—and they're under $20

The EarDials are designed to be comfortable and efficient. A $20 pair will let you listen to the music you love while helping protect against potential hearing damage.
/ Source: StackCommerce

More than 20 percent of young people are beginning to experience hearing loss. And many don't even know it. From loud concerts to bustling city streets, there are plenty of decibel-pounding occasions to merit that loss.

And while there's a stigma behind wearing earplugs at live concerts, there are discreet ways to protect your ears from potentially harmful volume of live events without taking away from the shows you're watching. EarDial, for example, aims to do just that. And right now, you can get a pair of them for less than $20.

Designed for comfort, this tiny solution should help you reduce your potential for tinnitus. According to EarDial, their earplugs reduce noise by 20 dB overall while still maintaining hi-fidelity sounds. The earplugs also feature an ergonomic design with earwax protection that allows you to keep the plugs in for hours at a time. And there's also a companion app that can track the noise level around you and inform you of what is a healthy length of exposure.

If that doesn't sound like music to your ears enough, a portion of the profits from every purchase go toward charities focused on hearing loss, too. For $20, trying these out at your next big show is a low-risk way to see of they're right for you.

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