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This portable vacuum will change how you travel—and it's on sale

Stop sacrificing things you want to bring along for the trip with a device designed to save more than 50 percent of your suitcase space.
/ Source: StackCommerce

Budget-friendly airlines might cramp your style (literally) but they also make flying around the globe somewhat more accessible. Having said that, contending with these airlines' restrictive baggage weight limits could make navigating your packing more time-consuming than before. Even if your clothes aren't heavy, fitting travel essentials like clothing and toiletries quickly adds up.

That's what the Pacum Luggage Space-Saving Vacuum is designed to help with. The small handheld vacuum (smaller than most iPhones) is designed to help you save more than 50 percent of the available space in your suitcase. And right now, you can get it for $50.

And the Pacum vacuum is built to compress up to four times faster than similar models. You can use it as a way to store your bulky sweaters or jackets or, by the end of the trip, separate dirty clothes from clean ones. Like other vacuum sealers, it's not just for clothing—you can also store food, products that go into storage and more. Regardless of how you use it, it will save you space so you can add more travel bring-alongs to elevate your trip and your comfort.

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