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If you're like most humans in 2019, you probably spend a lot of your free time online — more specifically, on social media. Why not use that time to your advantage and earn some cash? Digital marketing is crazy powerful these days, meaning it's possible to make a ton of money using everyday digital platforms. Step one: Learn how it all works.

This Silicon Valley Digital Marketer Bundle features 11 comprehensive courses that will help you take your marketing skills into the modern digital landscape. It teaches how to turn casual scrolls through social media into cold hard cash.

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Sound enticing? Here's what's covered across 60+ hours of expert training.

Social Media Marketing

In six of the 11 courses, you'll dive into all the major social media tools and platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, and how you can boost your traffic on each. It's not just a basic overview of the platforms, it's in-depth courses on what works and what doesn't, understanding the buyer's journey, sales funnels, outsourcing, automation, and so much more.


No digital marketing technique will work if you don't know how to craft a powerful message. Fortunately, there's a course that walks you through creating a marketing mission statement, which transfers perfectly to headline research and title writing for everything from blog posts to social feeds.

Email Marketing

You probably already know the basics of email, but you probably don't realize the power it holds in marketing your brand. In two separate courses, you'll learn how to automate and personalize your email marketing campaigns using a different email marketing software.

Google Adwords and Affiliate Marketing

The Complete Google AdWords Course will show you how to run a campaign from scratch and outbid your competitors on keywords that can drive more revenue. Similarly, the Affiliate Marketing Course will walk you through driving revenue through affiliate content posted on websites across the internet.

It's a lot to take in, but if you want to become an elite digital marketer in 2019, this bundle can start you on your way. Normally, the Silicon Valley Digital Marketer Bundle would cost you $1,633, but you can pick up all 11 courses for just $35 right now. That's a 97 percent savings.

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