Creative writing takes more than passion — here's what you need to know

Give your dream of writing a book the functional help it needs with a $21 bundle of online courses about the ins and outs of getting your novel off the ground.
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2020 might give way to your biggest New Year's resolution yet: You're finally going to write a book.

From combating writer's block, developing each character to its full potential and understanding how to self-publish your work when you're done, there's much more to getting that story out than the will to do so. Some challenges will include ensuring your novel is engaging, compelling and has readers hanging on to every last word. Novices can learn these creative writing essentials with the Become a Professional Creative Writing Bundle, which you can get right now for $21.

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It spans five key courses:

  • Creative Writing for Beginners
  • How to Write a Novel
  • How to Create Fictional Characters
  • How to Plan a Movie Script
  • And How to Write a Movie Script

Among the topics you'll learn to improve within are avoiding cliche phrases, creating convincing character back stories, self-editing, and publishing tips and tricks—all of which are worth brushing up on before you start writing.

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