Best 6 wireless chargers for every charging need

The best wireless chargers include portable, car and multi-device options from Samsung, RAVPower, Anker and more.
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Find the best wireless charger for your needs and you can untangle more of your everyday routines.Daisy-Daisy / Getty Images/iStockphoto
By Whitson Gordon

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Cables are the enemy of a clutter-free home. The more we pack our spaces with tech, the more they prop up snake pits of tangled cords.

In my own never-ending quest to keep things clean and organized, I’ve become addicted to wireless charging. Wireless charging allows you to kick back on the couch, plop your phone on the table, and let it charge without ever touching a cord. And while phones are a popular device to complement with a wireless charger, you've also got options for your smart watch, Apple AirPods, and other devices.

Phones with wireless charging capabilities

Most flagship phones these days allow for wireless charging, making it a functional reason to attempt the technology to see how it fits into your routine.

  • If you’re considering iPhones with wireless charging, your options include the iPhone 8 and above
  • If you’re wondering about wireless charging for Samsung phones, your options include the Galaxy S6 and above.
  • And you can find wirelessly charging smartphones from other brands, too, like Pixel, LG, Sony, and more.

If you haven’t hopped on the wireless charging train, you might not think it sounds that great yet. But trust me: Once you use it, it’s hard to go back. Here are some of the best wireless chargers around, for every type of use.

Best flat wireless charging pad: RavPower

1. RavPower Fast Wireless Charger

For your first wireless charger, start with the basics: a few standard, flat charging pads around your home (and maybe one at work).

RavPower offers one of the best total packages, giving you non-slip grips on both sides, an indicator light that lets you know when the device is charging (or full, as is the case with Android phones) and it shows up with a power adapter included. It also charges faster than most of its competition, according to tests at the Wirecutter and Ars Technica — that might be important if you just need a quick bit of extra juice before running out the door.

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Best wireless charging stand: RavPower

2. RavPower Wireless Charging Stand

You might prefer a wireless charger that props your phone up so you can see it easier (and use it as it charges without leaning over it).

RavPower’s charging stand offers the same charging power as its standard circular pad but in a more upright form factor. Unfortunately, that form factor comes at a higher cost ($50) keeping it from being my go-to recommendation. Still, if you want something that’ll help you read recipes in the kitchen while charging your phone (or see check out mobile notifications while at your desk at work), this will do the trick.

Best budget charging pad: Anker

3. Anker PowerWave Pad Wireless Charger

Got spare USB power adapters lying around your house? Save yourself some money and pick up Anker’s PowerWave pad for less than $10. You’ll want a 10W charger if you want it to charge as fast as possible — even then it isn’t quite as fast as the RavPower. When it comes to the more commonplace use of charging your phone overnight, that degree of output will be just fine. There’s also a stand version, if you prefer that.

Best wireless car charging dock: iOttie

4. iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Charging Car Mount Kit

Nothing drains your phone’s juice quite like turn-by-turn navigation (streaming music to the car's radio eats away your charge rapidly, as well). That’s why I like to have a phone dock in my car that charges my phone while I navigate. And the iOttie Easy One Touch kit is a solid option.

You can stick it on your dashboard or on your windshield, and it has three grippy arms to keep your phone secure and stable — no matter how you choose to position it. That’s not bad for $50, although iOttie also has an auto-sensing version for $60 that will detect when your phone is near and automatically clamp the arms to hold it in place.

Best multi-device charging pad: Choetech

5. Choetech Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Apple’s multi-device AirPower pad was unceremoniously cancelled but there are a few other pads on the market that can charge more than one device at a time.

Choetech’s Dual Wireless Charging Pad offers the best balance of compatibility, aesthetics and price —it’s the one I’d pick if you’re looking to charge two phones. There are some triple charging pads out there, like the ZealSound Triple Wireless Charging Station, but reviews tend to be a bit more mixed thanks to poorer quality control. If you have an Apple Watch, this charging station from Zens can charge it as well as two phones, which can come in very handy when you want to keep cords and clutter at bay.

Best wireless charging battery bank: Samsung

6. Samsung 2-in-1 Wireless Charger and Battery Bank

There are few things worse than your phone dying before you get home from a long day. Battery packs may seem like they’re a dime-a-dozen these days, but Samsung’s 2-in-1 bank is special. It not only comes with 10,000 mAh of juice, but can charge two devices at once: one wired, one wirelessly. When it comes to convenience, this dual charging capability might reign.

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