All Saints’ Day Brings Living to the Dead

Catholics around the world spent time remembering and visiting with deceased loved ones to observe the solemn holy day.

A woman walks in front of the shadows of tombs silhouetted on a white wall at the Cementery of Casabermeja in Malaga, southern Spain, November 1, 2016. Millions of Spaniards are visiting cemeteries on All Saints' Day to commemorate their deceased relatives and loved ones. All Saints' Day is observed on the 1st of November by the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant churches. JORGE ZAPATA / EPA
Millions of Filipinos flock to cemeteries around the country. In the Philippines, family members clean tombs and often spend the night at the cemetery eating and celebrating with loved ones. Dondi Tawatao / Getty Images
A man sits next to a child's grave decorated for Day of the Dead at the San Gregorio cemetery in Mexico City, Oct. 31. In a tradition that coincides with All Saints' Day on Nov 1st, families decorate the graves of departed relatives with marigolds and candles, and spend the night in the cemetery, eating and drinking as they keep company with their deceased loved ones. Eduardo Verdugo / AP
People light candles at Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb, Croatia. ANTONIO BRONIC / Reuters
A devotee pretends to be the spirit known as a Gede during a ceremony honoring the Haitian voodoo spirits of Baron Samdi and Gede on the Day of the Dead in the National Cemetery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Voodoo believers and devotees offer candles, alcohol and food. HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP - Getty Images
A woman sits on a grave at Derio cemetery near Bilbao, Spain. VINCENT WEST / Reuters
Elderly women visit a German World War One military cemetery in the village of Baruny, some 110 km northwest of Minsk. SERGEI GAPON / AFP - Getty Images
People line up to enter the Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw, Poland. LESZEK SZYMANSKI / EPA
Children clean a grave at the Williamsville cemetery in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. SIA KAMBOU / AFP - Getty Images
People light candles and lay flowers on the graves at the Wola Cemetery in Warsaw. MARCIN OBARA / EPA
A woman visits a grave during All Saints' Day at Alto de Sao Joao cemetery in Lisbon, Portugal. RAFAEL MARCHANTE / Reuters
A woman spreads petals on the tomb of her loved one during the commemoration of All Saints' Day at a cemetery in Sacatepequez, Guatemala. STRINGER / Reuters
A group of dancers pose for a photo before their performance at the Nueva Esperanza cemetery in the shantytown Villa Maria, in Lima, Peru. Martin Mejia / AP
A man stands in front of graves during the sunset at the Baumgarten cemetery in Vienna, Austria. CHRISTIAN BRUNA / EPA
Women walk past graves at Derio cemetery near Bilbao, Spain. VINCENT WEST / Reuters