Angry Crowds Confront Hong Kong Protesters

Pro-democracy protesters lock arms on Friday as they protect a barricade in one of the areas of Hong Kong they have occupied.

Demonstrators demanding the right to choose candidates in the 2017 elections clashed with opponents supporting Beijing's rule in two of Hong Kong's busiest shopping districts on October 3, with police stepping in to try to calm the chaos.

Philippe Lopez / AFP

A man shouts at pro-democracy demonstrators standing behind a barricade.

"We are all fed up and our lives are affected," a teacher named Victor Ma told Reuters. "You don't hold Hong Kong citizens hostage because it's not going to work. That's why the crowd is very angry here."

Philippe Lopez / AFP

A student protester, left, is pressed by angry locals trying to remove the barricades blocking streets in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay district.

Hong Kong protest leaders on Friday welcomed an offer by the territory's leader of talks to defuse the crisis, though they continued to demand he resign and maintained barricades around government headquarters, frustrating staff going to work.

Wally Santana / AP

Policemen try to get a man to let go of a fence guarded by pro-democracy protesters.

Philippe Lopez / AFP

A man shouts at a pro-democracy demonstrator in an occupied area of Hong Kong.

Philippe Lopez / AFP

A crying pro-democracy demonstrator is comforted after she was allegedly harassed by a member of the crowd opposing the protests.

Philippe Lopez / AFP