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Artistic Outsiders Shine a Light on the Subconscious

Cuban artist Damian Valdes, 47, suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, and through art he finds emotional control. He works from home recreating buildings such as the Empire State.

On Nov. 20th, the exhibition “Ecos del Inconsciente” (Echoes of the Subconscious) opened inside the Spanish Embassy in Havana, Cuba. Curators Juan Martin, the Executive Director of NAEMI (National Art Exhibitions of the Mentally Ill) and art expert Daniel Klein assembled some 40 works of Outsider Art/Art Brut Cuban Artists. None of the artists have formal artistic training and most have some degree of a mental impairment. The exhibit will run until Jan. 16, 2015.

Without Title (Building like Empire State) by Damian Valdes.

Without Title (Bus) by Damian Valdes.

Without Title (from the series Faces) by Boris Santamaría.

Misleidys Castillo, 29, paints at home. She has autism and is deaf. Misleidy has shown her work in París, next month in Miami and next year she will exhibit in New York.

Without Title (Men) by Misleidys Castillo.

“Mujer que aprende a vivir con el error cometido” (“Woman who learns to live with her mistake”) by Pedro Pablo Bacallao.

In order to fight depression, Hector Gallo, 90, has created a magical world with ordinary objects.

“…y todos caerán…” (“… and everybody will fall…”) by Isaac Crespo.