Demolition Begins at ‘The Jungle’ as France Clears Camp

France began clearing the sprawling migrant camp Monday where thousands had gathered in hopes of reaching Britain.

Protesting migrants stand around a fire at the makeshift camp "The Jungle" in Calais, France, on Tuesday evening, Oct. 25.

Authorities are emptying the camp, a symbol of Europe's migrant crisis, of an estimated 6,300 people who have been living there, down from a height of 10,000 this summer.

As dusk gathered some migrants burned abandoned tents, but there was no repeat of the minor skirmishes with security forces seen over the weekend. 


French police watch as workmen tear down a makeshift shelter as they begin dismantling the camp on Tuesday. 


NEIL HALL / Reuters

A police officer stands guard after migrants burned down a shelter as authorities moved in to clear the camp on Tuesday.

To discourage migrants from congregating in Calais and trying to board a ferry or truck to Britain, authorities last year destroyed half the camp in a haphazard and sometimes violent way that drew criticism from human rights groups.

Jack Taylor / Getty Images

Migrants look over the camp during its dismantlement on Tuesday.

The ramshackle camp in the sand dunes of northern France is home to migrants from Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea, Syria and elsewhere. After often harrowing journeys across land and treacherous seas, paying smugglers along the way, most reach a dead end in Calais, unable to find a way across the English Channel.

NEIL HALL / Reuters

A migrant walks through the camp as the sun rises on Tuesday.


Jack Taylor / Getty Images

Migrants hug each other as they say goodbye Tuesday before leaving the camp to register at a processing center, the first step to being relocated elsewhere in France and the chance to apply for asylum.

Many more migrants were preparing to depart Wednesday.

Emilio Morenatti / AP
Migrants line up to register at a processing center early on Tuesday. Matt Dunham / AP
A misty night cloud settles over the camp on Monday evening. THIBAULT VANDERMERSCH / EPA

Migrants pass their luggage over a fence Monday as they prepare to be registered at a processing center. There they will receive medical checks and if they have not already done so, decide whether to apply for asylum.

Thibault Camus / AP

Migrants line up outside a hangar where they will be sorted into groups and sent on buses to shelters across France. 

The far-right National Front party said the government plan would create mini-Calais camps across France.


A migrant with her child walks past migrants waiting with their luggage to leave the camp.

Throngs of migrants lined up at the registration center where they were separated by category, like families, unaccompanied minors or adults.

More than 1,200 police were deployed to watch over the evacuation of the camp. Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

Police officers look on as migrants line up Monday to register at the camp.

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Emilio Morenatti / AP

A migrant looks on at the camp.

Migrants carry their belongings as they leave the camp to register at a processing center. Thibault Camus / AP

Migrants line up to be transported by bus to reception centers across France on Monday.



French riot police advance towards "The Jungle" migrant camp through a haze of smoke and tear gas during a clash with migrants late Sunday.

Jack Taylor / Getty Images

Migrants stand by a burning chemical portable toilet as they clash with French riot police at the Jungle migrant camp late on Sunday, Oct. 23 in Calais, France. 

France began clearing the sprawling "Jungle" migrant camp on Monday as hundreds gave up on their dreams of reaching Britain, a tantalizingly short sea crossing away.

Following sporadic outbreaks of unrest overnight, the migrants chose instead with calm resignation to be relocated in France while their asylum requests are considered.

Jack Taylor / Getty Images