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On the Hunt for the Most Beautiful Easter Eggs

Inspired by themes such as “Where’s Waldo,” a globe, and a taxi cab, 268 egg sculptures sit around New York City waiting to be discovered. The Big Egg Hunt is the world’s largest egg expedition and features Fabergé eggs designed by architects, famous artists, photographers and even students.

Above, the "Brooklyn Enlightenment" sculpture by Ali Printz.

From the Bronx to Staten Island, the ovoid sculptures are hidden throughout the city’s five boroughs waiting to be found by eagle-eyed hunters. Searchers such as Bernadette Rey Lara hope to be the first to uncover all the eggs in the quickest amount of time in order to win an 18-carat white gold Fabergé egg-inspired necklace. The priceless piece features 435 diamonds and 42 gemstones.

Above, the "Egg Globe" sculpture by Bellerby Globe Makers.

An app helps give the general areas of the hidden eggs, but they still are tricky to find. They can sit inside stores, on rooftops and beneath bridges. Rey Lara has located 231 of the missing eggs.

Above, the "We Are New York" sculpture by Carter Jones for Jacques Torres.

“I was in egg heaven. I was so overwhelmed, looking at all these beautiful eggs all in one place,” said Rey Lara, who is pictured beside the “We Are the Egg” sculpture by Mary Mattingly.

All of the eggs will be auctioned with the proceeds going toward New York City children through Studio in a School and conservation efforts through Elephant Family, which is “saving the endangered Asian elephant and its habitat,” according to The Big Egg Hunt’s website.

Above, the "It was very hard labour" sculpture by Cynthia Rowley.

The bids begin as low as $500 for some and $16,000 at the highest price.

Above, the priciest egg, "The Royal Egg - Humpty Dumpty" sculpture by The Prince's Drawing School siigned by TRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Above, the "Life is a Cupcake" sculpture by Abby Modell for Contemporary Glass.

The auction ends April 26.