Japanese Pick Up Pieces After Deadly Earthquake

Nine people died after a deadly 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck the southwestern town of Mashiki in Kumamoto, Japan.

A woman cleans up in front of her collapsed house Mashiki, Japan on April 15, 2016.

The extent of the deadly 6.5-magnitude earthquake that hit the southwestern Japanese town became clear with the arrival of daylight on Friday — showing collapsed homes and debris-strewn streets as the search for more victims continued.

KAZUHIRO NOGI / AFP - Getty Images

Nobuyuki Morita and his wife assess damage to their house.

KAZUHIRO NOGI / AFP - Getty Images
Houses with collapsed rooftops and scattered debris left in the aftermath of the earthquake. Kyodo News via Reuters
A woman walks past destroyed houses. Naoya Osato / Kyodo News via AP
Police officers use a blow horn in their search for survivors. Koji Ueda / AP
A family sits in a tent after being evacuated from their home. KAZUHIRO NOGI / AFP - Getty Images
Men retrieve a bicycle from the rubble of a destroyed house. Shingo Nishizume / AP
Residents look for their belongings amid debris of a collapsed rooftop. Naoya Osato / AP
An aerial view of construction workers restoring a damaged road located next to a grave yard. JIJI PRESS / AFP - Getty Images
A man cycles past a collapsed house. KIMIMASA MAYAMA / EPA
Residents assess damage to a housing complex. Yu Nakajima / Kyodo News via AP

A police officer with a sniffer dog patrols a street as he assists in search and rescue efforts.

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