Maasai Warriors Take Up Cricket for Social Change

The Maasai Warriors team, dressed in traditional tribal attire, tour the world playing cricket to raise awareness on social issues in Kenya.

Maasai Warriors from Kenya take a run in their cricket match at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) against a team comprising of Australian rugby union and rugby league players in Sydney on February 4, 2016. Their social awareness campaign includes rallying against female genital mutilation (FGM) and substance abuse, while promoting environmental conservation. WILLIAM WEST / AFP - Getty Images
Maasai Warriors perform a dance before commencing the cricket match. WILLIAM WEST / AFP - Getty Images
A Maasai Warrior bowls. The team comprises youth who have dropped their traditional spears for cricket bats. WILLIAM WEST / AFP - Getty Images
Warriors gear up before commencing the match. WILLIAM WEST / AFP - Getty Images
A member of the Maasai Cricket Warriors bowls during the charity cricket match. Rob Griffith / AP
Members of the Warriors do a traditional dance. Rob Griffith / AP
A Maasai Warrior plays a shot. WILLIAM WEST / AFP - Getty Images