Emmy nominees way back when

Bryan Cranston and Claire Danes are both up for Emmys, but we jump in the time machine and take a look at the roles that got them -- and 10 other nominees -- to that coveted spot.

Plenty of creepy things have happened to Jessica Lange in her role in FX's "American Horror Story: Asylum," for which she's Emmy nominated in 2013. But it's possible nothing is quite as weird as being kidnapped by a giant ape in 1976's "King Kong," Lange's first film role.

Al Pacino is nominated for his role as Phil Spector in HBO's miniseries of the same name. But he'll always be remembered for his Oscar-nominated performance as Michael Corleone in 1972's "The Godfather." (Pacino boycotted those Oscars, supposedly upset that he was a supporting-actor nominee when he played such a major role.)

Alec Baldwin, seen at right in 1988's "She's Having a Baby," is nominated for his role as Jack Donaghy in NBC's "30 Rock." He's posing with Kevin Bacon, who himself was nominated for an Emmy for the 2009 TV movie "Taking Chance."

Claire Danes is nominated for her role in Showtime's "Homeland," but the Emmy pressure is familiar to her. She was just 16 when she was nominated for an Emmy for her role as angsty teen Angela Chase in 1994's "My So-Called Life."

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There's a Twitter joke that the end of AMC's "Breaking Bad" will see Walter White (Bryan Cranston) put into the witness-protection program as father to a family of boys -- hence starting Cranston over in his 2000s hit "Malcolm in the Middle." He was nominated but never won for his "Malcolm" role, but has won three Emmys so far for "Breaking Bad." He's nominated again in 2013.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a 10-time Emmy nominee? As her "Seinfeld" character, Elaine Benes, would say, "GET OUT!" But she is indeed, including nominations for "Seinfeld" (she won in 1996), "The New Adventures of Old Christine" (she won in 2006), and "Veep" (she won in 2012 and is nominated again in 2013.)

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Tina Fey's most recent Emmy nominations have been for the comedy "30 Rock," but she's also been honored for her "Saturday Night Live" work, winning in 2009 for her infamous mimicry of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Jimmy Fallon, shown with Fey, won in 2012 for hosting "SNL."

Edie Falco, seen third from left with Robert Iler, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and the late James Gandolfini, is nominated in 2013 for "Nurse Jackie." But as the photo shows, it was her role as mob wife Carmela Soprano that first brought her Emmy glory. She won in 2001 and 2003 for "Sopranos" and in 2010 for "Nurse Jackie."

Elisabeth Moss is nominated for her role as 1960s ad woman Peggy Olson in AMC's "Mad Men," but looked quite a bit different in the 1999 film "Girl, Interrupted."

Hey, it was 1990 -- forgive the crazy hair and snakeskin jacket in this picture of Laura Dern and Nicolas Cage from their movie "Wild at Heart." Dern is nominated this year for her role as Amy in HBO's "Enlightened." (Cage has never been an Emmy nominee; he sticks to movies.)

That's Michael Douglas sporting some great 1970s hair in "The Streets of San Francisco," a crime drama that earned him three Emmy nominations. He had another great hair day playing Liberace in the HBO movie "Behind the Candelabra," for which he's up for another Emmy in 2013.

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Robin Wright, seen here with Cary Elwes in the 1987 film "The Princess Bride," received her first Emmy nomination in 2013 for playing beleaguered political wife Claire Underwood in the Netflix drama series "House of Cards."