Fast-food workers protest

Thousands of workers at fast-food restaurants across America walk off their jobs as part of a campaign for better pay

Employees and their supporters picket outside a Burger King restaurant in Los Angeles on Thursday, Aug. 29, as fast-food workers walked off their jobs as part of a nationwide strike demanding higher wages and the right to form a union.

Robyn Beck / AFP

Protesting fast-food workers fill a McDonald's restaurant on New York's Fifth Avenue as part of a campaign to have chains such as McDonald's, Taco Bell and Wendy's pay workers higher wages.

Richard Drew / AP

Fast-food workers take part in a protest march in Dallas, Texas on Thursday.

Larry W. Smith / EPA

David Atten, right, joins others in demonstrating as he presses a sign to the window of a Church's Chicken in Atlanta during a one-day strike coinciding with strikes at other fast-food restaurants across the country.

John Amis / FR69715 AP

Taco Bell employee Shanise Stitt pickets with other protestors in front of the Church's Chicken fast-food restaurant in Detroit on Thursday.

David Coates / The Detroit News

A diner watches strikers marching outside a Wendy's restaurant in Boston on Thursday.

Brian Snyder / X90051