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German Olympics


Israeli athletes killed at 1972 Olympics in Munich

German Olympics

August 1972: The opening ceremony at the Munich Olympics in West Germany.

Keystone / Hulton Archive
Israeli Team At Munich

The Israeli delegation marches during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Munich on Aug. 26, 1972.

Afp / AFP
Olympic Massacre

One of the Black September guerrillas who broke into the Munich Olympic Village, killed two members of the Israeli team, and took nine others hostage. The Israeli hostages, held aboard two helicopters, were killed during a rescue attempt at the Fürstenfeldbruck military airport, where five of the eight terrorists and a German police officer also were killed.

Keystone / Hulton Archive
Armed Response At 1972 Olympics

An armed German policeman stands on the roof of a dormitory where members of the Black September terrorist group had earlier captured and held a group of Israeli athletes hostage.

Hulton Archive / Hulton Archive
Murdered Athletes

Four of the Israeli athletes massacred at Munich. Clockwise, from top left: Ze'ev Friedman (weightlifter); David Berger (weightlifter); Mark Slavin (wrestler); and Yosef Romano (weightlifter).

Central Press / Hulton Archive
Members of the Israeli team march on the field of

Members of the Israeli team march on the field of the Munich Olympic stadium on Sept. 6, 1972, to attend a memorial ceremony paying tribute to their countrymen killed by terrorists.

- / AFP

The Olympic flag flies at half staff as 80,000 people attend a memorial service for the Israeli athletes in Munich.

Keystone France / KEYSTONE France
After Munich attempt, Israeli team membe

Departing Israeli team members board an El Al flight at Munich Reim airport. The Israeli team left Munich and the Olympics because of the tragic death of 11 team members shot by Black September Palestinian guerrillas.

Staff / AFP
Spielberg's Munich Opens Amid Controversy In Israel

Israel's national flag flies at half staff as the coffins of the 11 Israeli athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists in the Munich Olympics arrive Sept. 7, 1972, at the international airport at Lod, near Tel Aviv, Israel.

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