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Photos: Climate change protesters take to the streets around the world

Millions of people are expected to join demonstrations demanding action on climate change in scores of cities around the world on Friday, including in hotbeds of the environmental movement such as London, New York, Berlin and Sydney.

Image: US-GLOBAL-CLIMATE-STRIKE-MARCH-meteorology-environment

New York

Teen activist Greta Thunberg walks during the Global Climate Strike march in New York on Sept. 20, 2019.

Millions of people are taking to the streets across the world in what could be the largest climate protest in history.

Johannes Eisele / AFP - Getty Images


Environmental activists rally in central London.

Ben Stanstall / AFP - Getty Images

Greensboro, N.C.

A student holds at the Experiential School of Greensboro.

Many groups are involved in organizing the strikes including schoolchildren, trade unions, environmental groups and employees at large tech companies such as Amazon and Google, and their demands are all similar: reducing the use of fossil fuels to try to halt climate change.

Khadejeh Nikouyeh / News & Record via AP
Image: Thousands Of Americans Across The Country Participate In Global Climate Strike


Activists gather in John Marshall Park. 

Samuel Corum / Getty Images
Image: Global Climate Strike

New York

Students hold up signs during the Global Climate Strike march at Foley Square.

The demonstrations are timed to nearly coincide with Monday’s U.N. Climate Summit in New York, where United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said he wants to see governments and businesses pledge to abandon fossil fuels.

Timoth A. Clary / AFP - Getty Images

Skopje, Macedonia

A young woman holds up a banner during a march in Skopje, Macedonia against climate change.

Robert Atanasovski / AFP - Getty Images

Wageningen, The Netherlands

Students take part in a march from Wageningen to The Hague, in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

The students took a week off from education to draw attention to climate policy on a walking tour.

Koen van Weel / ANP via AFP - Getty Images
Image: Activists In London Join The Global Climate Strike


Young people listen to speakers. 

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images


Activists stand on blocks of ice under makeshift gallows in front of the Brandenburg Gate. 

Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

Hamburg, Germany

People attend a Fridays For Future rally.

“The climate crisis is an emergency — we want everyone to start acting like it. We demand climate justice for everyone,” organizers said on one website dedicated to Friday’s protests, which said there was action planned in more than 150 countries.

Axel Heimken / AP
Image: Activists In Brussels Join The Global Climate Strike


Protesters gather at Brussels-North Station with placards.

Jack Taylor / Getty Images

New Delhi

New Delhi, one of the world's most polluted cities, saw dozens of students and environmental activists chant "we want climate action."

Anushree Fadnavi / Reuters


A large inflatable globe is bounced through the crowd as thousands of protesters, many of them school students, gather in Sydney.

Rick Rycroft / AP

Melbourne, Australia

Young children in traditional dress representing the Pacific Islands get ready to march.

Asanka Ratnayake / Getty Images

Cape Town, South Africa

Young activists march as part of the movement Fridays for Future.

Mike Hutchings / Reuters


Hundreds marched in Thailand's capital Bangkok, before staging a "die-in" outside the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Lauren DeCicca / Getty Images
Image: A woman puts her face out of a banner at an event to mark the day of global climate strikes in Tokyo


A woman puts her face through a banner at an event to mark the day of global climate strikes.

Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

Palangka Raya, Indonesia

A youth inhales an oxygen can as he is treated during a rally as smog covers the city due to the forest fires in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan province, Indonesia.

Willy Kurniawan / Reuters

Melbourne, Australia

Australia saw some of the first protests kick off Friday morning with organizers estimating that upwards of 300,000 students and workers filled the streets of Melbourne, Sydney and other cities in the biggest protests the country has seen in years.

Asanka Ratnayake / Getty Images