Ronald Reagan


Presidential Workouts

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Calvin Coolidge and Speaker of the House Exercising

A leaked video surfaced Wednesday of President Obama lifting weights at a hotel in Warsaw. It's no surprise that Obama values physical fitness and it wasn't the first time we've seen presidents engaged in vigorous activity. Although 'vigorous' may not be the right word for whatever then Vice President Calvin Coolidge, above right, is doing at the Congressional gym in 1923. He's joined by Speaker of the House Fredrick Gillett.

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Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan shared his presidential fitness routine in a 1983 Parade magazine cover story.

Eddie Adams / Corbis
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George W. Bush

President George W. Bush rides his mountain bike on the Laoshan Olympic Mountain Bike Course in Beijing, China, in 2005.

Charles Dharapak / AP
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President Clinton jogs with daughter Chelsea and an unidentified Secret Service agent along a bike path on Martha's Vineyard, Mass., in August 1997. It was the first time the president has jogged in public following knee surgery several months earlier. The surgical scar is visible on his right knee.

Ruth Fremson / AP
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