Rage Flares for a Second Night Over Ferguson

Missouri national guardsmen in riot gear line up in front of the police station on Tuesday, Nov. 25, in Ferguson, Mo. Over 2,000 Missouri national guardsmen were deployed a day after demonstrators caused extensive damage in Ferguson and surrounding areas following a grand jury decision to not indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown.

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A crowd of mostly college students raise their fists in the air during a rally and protest at the CNN Center on Nov. 25 in Atlanta.

Ron Harris / AP

Protesters march in response to the Ferguson grand jury decision.

Paul Sancya / AP

Demonstrators protest outside the Ferguson police station as soldiers with the Missouri National Guard stand watch. Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was shot by Darren Wilson, a white Ferguson police officer, on August 9.

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Protesters flip over a police car in Ferguson.

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A protester is detained by police officers during a second night of rioting in Ferguson.

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Police arrest a protester in front of the Ferguson police department.

Andrew Renneisen

A protester holds the U.S. flag in Ferguson.

Andrew Renneisen

Bryant Ross of Baltimore faces off against police as demonstrators blocked traffic on the Jones Falls Expressway, one of the main arteries out of downtown.

Andre Chung

Demonstrators prepare to be arrested after refusing to move during a protest against the grand jury decision in Times Square.

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Protesters yell from the steps of the National Portrait Gallery.

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Police officers arrest a demonstrator after a group of protesters shut down traffic on Interstate 580. Protesters briefly shut down two major freeways, vandalized police cars and looted businesses in downtown Oakland, smashing windows at cell phone stores, car dealerships, restaurants and convenience stores on a second night of protests.

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California Highway Patrol officers move in to clear the 101 freeway from protesters. Nearly 100 protester were arrested in Los Angeles Tuesday night.

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A protester blocks the road in Ferguson, Mo., on Nov. 25.

Alexey Furman / EPA