Rock Star’s Portraits Reveal Dignity of Injured Veterans

Sergeant Rick Clement, June 2013.

Corporal Simon Brown, September 2010.

"The human cost of conflict is a narrative which, like many of us, feels personal to me," Adams says. "My grandfathers and father were in the British Army, so the act of remembrance – both for the fallen and the wounded – was instilled into me from a young age and it’s a theme I’ve previously touched upon in my music."

Marine Joe Townsend, February 2013.

Adams' photos "reveal the sheer grit and bravery of the victims who, despite personal sacrifice, live each day with continued vim, vigor and dignity," according to publisher Steidl, which has released a book of the images in aid of veteran support charities. "What we see are staggering portraits of inspiring individuals who whilst not faltering have stood the test of war and lived to tell the tale."

Corporal Hannah Campbell, May 2011.

Corporal Ricky Fergusson MC, June 2012.

Private Karl Hinett, February 2011.

Rifleman Craig Wood, May 2011.

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