Scientists Explore Mysterious New Siberian Crater

When a giant hole suddenly opens up in the earth, most of us would choose to stay far away, but scientists in Russia were determined to discover the origins of the mysterious crater in Siberia discovered last summer.

A team from the Russian Center of Arctic Exploration descended about 50 feet into the crater on Nov. 9 and reached the frozen surface of a small lake, estimated to be at least 30 feet deep, at the base of the crater. A team member is seen above at the edge of the crater.

Stringer / X80002

Experts have not come to a consensus about the origin of the funnel but some have postulated that climate change may be a cause.

Stringer / X80002

A member of the expedition stands on the edge the crater on Nov. 9.

Stringer / X80002

The crater is seen from the air soon after its discovery in July 2014. Scientists have said there are no traces of an explosion, eliminating the possibility that a meteoroid caused the hole.

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