See Nik Wallenda Set High-Wire Records in Chicago

Wallenda set records for steepest incline and highest walk with a blindfold.

Daredevil Nik Wallenda makes his high-wire walk uphill at a 15-degree angle, from the Marina City west tower across the Chicago River to the top of the Leo Burnett Building on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014, in Chicago.

He set two world records during the walks. His first walk set a record for a high-wire walk at the steepest incline, at an estimated 15-19 degrees. His second walk set a record for highest walk while being blindfolded.

Charles Rex Arbogast / AP

High-wire performer Nik Wallenda walks on a 3/4 inch wire between buildings. He walked on an estimated incline of 15 to 19 degrees across a distance of 454 feet, starting from a height of 588 feet and finishing at a height of 671 feet.

Tannen Maury / EPA

The shadow of Nik Wallenda is cast against the West Marina Tower as he continues his high-wire walk uphill at an estimated 15-degree angle above the Chicago River.

Charles Rex Arbogast / AP

Daredevil Nik Wallenda walks between two skyscrapers suspended 500 feet above the Chicago River in Chicago.

Jim Young / X90065

Spectators watch Nik Wallenda.

John Gress / X01637

Residents watch from their balconies as Nik Wallenda walks along a wire blindfolded, between the towers of the Marina City condominium buildings.

Scott Olson / Getty Images North America

Nik Wallenda waves after walking blindfolded on a 5/8 inch wire for a distance of 94 feet at a height of 543 feet between the Marina City towers apartment buildings in Chicago.

Tannen Maury / EPA