No air-brushing here! Moms share their photos and write about how they feel about their bodies after having a baby -- whether sad or proud.

"I am actually kind of nervous about putting this up for people to see, but at the same time, I felt really drawn to it when looking back through old folders - I hope others will see in it what I do, but if not, it still touches me and reminds me of the vulnerability and fierce proudness felt in those first early days of motherhood."

Bellies of every size and shape: A "Shape of a Mother" get-together in the park, shot by site founder Bonnie Crowder.

"I find it ironic that I appreciate my body now more than I did when it was a relatively tight little thing in high school. I used to curse what I called a 'pot belly' and would wear oversized sweatshirts to hide it. Over two decades later my tight little pot belly is softened, scarred and sagging in places, yet I can now look in the mirror and rejoice in the beauty of my body."

"These images are so many things to me... I feel awfully proud when I look at them, because I see the same woman who said and wrote such heart wrenchingly sad things about that body... I see the woman who started learning to accept her flaws. I see a young woman who is happy, confident, and strong... who carried, gave birth, and nourishes this delicious little babe. I see someone beautiful. At moments, I feel incredibly vulnerable about these images. But I feel like they hold power- and I hope mostly- that they will help someone else to feel a little bit more compassionate towards their perfectly imperfect body."

"My partner clearly completely fancies and adores me. He is loving and supportive and we share the same ideals, hopes and dreams from life. He sees my belly, both when pregnant and after as a beautiful miracle thing which has produced beautiful children. This attitude couldn’t help but rub off on me. I am finally feeling proud of my body and the wonderful work it’s done and is continuing to do. ... I am so proud of these photos it seemed fortuitous to then discover this website, so I’ve decided to share them with you. This is my biggest step yet in accepting my body, especially as I’ve decided to show you my face too."

"Mommy tummies are beautiful. Period."