Thousands ‘March for Europe’ to Reverse Brexit Vote

Tens of thousands of EU supporters sang, danced and marched down the streets of London on Saturday to protest the UK's Brexit vote.

Tens of thousands of people gather in Parliament Square after marching through central London in a 'March For Europe Event' on July 2, 2016 in London, England. Demonstrators marched through central London on Saturday in a raucous and colorful protest against last week's referendum vote to leave the European Union. Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
A woman looks upwards during the 'March for Europe' demonstration against Britain's decision to leave the European Union, in London, on July 2. Tom Jacobs / Reuters

Three young girls march through central London supporting the British to stay in the European Union.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
A man poses for a photograph with his "EU Stay" hat in Parliament Square as thousands of protesters take part in a March for Europe. Protesters from a variety of movements march from Park Lane to Parliament Square to show solidarity with those looking to create a more positive, inclusive kinder Britain in Europe. NIKLAS HALLE'N / AFP - Getty Images
Irish singer Bob Geldof addresses thousands of protesters in Parliament. NIKLAS HALLE'N / AFP - Getty Images
People hold up caricatures of Michael Gove and Nigel Farage as they protest against Britain's vote to leave the EU. CHRIS J RATCLIFFE / AFP - Getty Images
A woman stands still during the 'March for Europe' demonstration. PAUL HACKETT / Reuters
A woman holds an EU balloon tied to the Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square. NEIL HALL / Reuters
People gather in Parliament Square to listen to speakers after marching through central London. Dan Kitwood / Getty Images